March 2, 2014

Discovering Dargatz # 3 - Roman Celebrity

While on my high school trip to Rome, Italy, one evening was dedicated to roaming the streets surrounding Piazza Novana and enjoying the local culture. Besides dining at an amazing eatery where I learned that Italian lasagna is much different than American lasagna and window shopping at some high fashion boutiques, I ran into a dog.  Actually, it jumped into me as I took a break on a bench. The dog's presumed owner, a beautiful blond woman dressed in a long black jacket despite the warm temperature and sunglasses long after the sun's departure, was extremely apologetic. While I sat there enjoying the dog's company, it was interesting seeing an inordinate number of people snapping pictures, though I didn't realize why until later.  I was able to snap my own photo of the canine before we parted. Only when I returned to the hotel to open up the complimentary magazine in my room did I realize my brush with greatness that evening.  On the page dedicated to Roman pop culture, that beautiful blond and her dog reappeared.  Apparently, she was a popular soap opera personality in Italy. I would've gotten a picture of her too if I would have known that.

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