March 20, 2014

DD #18 - State Parks

Labor Day weekend was always the unofficial end of summer and one last weekend of freedom before the rigors and routines of school took over. In my family, it always meant a trip to a state park. We'd play keep away in the shallow waters of Lake Michigan, explore along the beach, walk through various trails, and jump and tumble on the sand dunes. It was wonderful to enjoy some fun in the sun with my family. It wasn't until later in life that I realized that these weekends were the start of my fascination with the state parks and natural wonders Wisconsin has to offer. My wife and I started exploring them once we got married. Now, one factor that determines where we spend our precious family time is the state parks we can access . We have always discussed road-tripping parks further away and hope to one day turn those discussions into realities. Some people may think having a baby may slow down their extracurricular activities and in many cases, this is true. For our family, having our daughter has only inspired us to do MORE in learning about and enjoying the beautiful treasures nature offers up to us.

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