November 13, 2016

Dry Island Disaster - Silly Story #2

Below is the next Silly Story, inspired by my class. To help practice story elements, they provide the characters, setting, problem, and solution, and I combine them all together before they add the illustrations. Please enjoy!

Dry Island Disaster

SpongeBob was taking his dog Pepper out for a walk. They had a great time trotting around the ocean floor, playing fetch with some clam shells, and playing hide and go seek around the coral reef.

As they were walking back to their pineapple home, Pepper started barking loudly.

“Rawf! Rawf Rawf!”

“What’s wrong Pep?” asked SpongeBob. The barking just got louder and louder.

Rawf! Rawf! Rawf!”

SpongeBob heard a faint cry in the distance. “Help!”

As the pair followed the sound, it was clear someone needed help.

The sound was coming from a nearby island called Pickleton.

There was only one house on Pickleton Island:  Marina’s mansion.

As SpongeBob and Pepper approached, they could tell the cries for help were coming from their good friend Olaf the snowman. He was struggling to stay afloat in the water.

“I’ll help!” declared SpongeBob.

Before he could, Pepper was already doggy-paddling towards Olaf. He finally reached him and grabbed him by his carrot nose, but Olaf was way too heavy for Pepper. Now both of them needed help.

SpongeBob sprung to action. He jumped into the water and using his spongy body to soak up water.
And more water. And more water.

SpongeBob was no longer himself. He was gigantic, much bigger than Pickleton Island. He had soaked up all the water. Olaf and Pepper were able to walk to the front door of Marina’s mansion.

Just as they got there, Marina snapped open the door. “What’s going on here?”

Olaf answered, “I fell in the water  so Pepper came to save me and then SpongeBob came to save him and now. .  . . .he’s huge and the island is dry!”

“I think I can fix this.” Marina invited Olaf and Pepper to the roof of her mansion and had SpongeBob lay down on the ground.

“On the count of 3, we jump on Bob. Ready. 1! 2! 3!” The trio jumped onto the supersized sponge. When they landed, the water burst out the side and re-filled the island. SpongeBob was a little dazed but happy to be back to himself again.

SpongeBob joked, “Anybody wanna go for a swim?”

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