March 2, 2014

And Away We Go . . .

From my kindergarten classroom to the nearest nature trail, from my days as a racing sausage to the antique malls and railroad museums I frequented growing up, I have many stories to tell. Some I have told a million times, some I have adapted into children's books, and some I have tried to forget. Yet through it all, each story has helped shape who I am now and who I strive to become.

To help you navigate through this blog, please note that my stories will be broken into three general categories as described below. . .

  • Discovering Dargatz (DD) - Stories from my birth through becoming a father that provide knowledge (ad/or blame) about why I am who I am.
  • DADventures (DV) - Stories about my ever-changing evolution as a father and my adventures with my daughter
  • Randomness - My general musings about my interests and life in general :)

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