March 8, 2014

Baking vs. Cooking

During lunch at school, I found myself in the middle of a very lively debate about what was preferred: baking or cooking. I listened eagerly as both sides voiced their opinions, explaining with detail the benefits and drawbacks of each of these fundamental food options. It was at this point, that I realized two things. First off, I realized I'm even more naïve to the culinary arts than previously accepted. I had always assumed baking and cooking were interchangeable terms. The glares shot my way after I voiced that misunderstanding still haunt my soul. You see, the kitchen and I don't always get along, but it is not due to lack of effort. I've created culinary concoctions that no man has ever dared to consume. Ask my wife about my pasta sandwich, definitely not my proudest moment. A second realization dealt with a decision that trumps baking versus cooking in my own life.  That is the decision to eat in or carry out. I have much more experience in this type of eating expedition, but yet, I still struggle with both options. Having a child does make that decision easier than in my former life, but the battle still rages on.

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Julie Smith said...

Baking is my favorite endevour. For me baking is as relaxing as laying on a sunny warm beach. Cooking on the other hand is like painting a picture. Others may like it or find it distasteful. You just can't please everyone. When you bake you create something delicious like bread, muffins, cookies, cake or pie that everyone loves!