March 2, 2014

DD # 5 - Home Sweet Home

I grew up in a neat, orderly, and luxurious Victorian-style bungalow with amenities abounding. . . .and then I woke up.  In reality, my cozy house was cluttered, dusty and engulfed with a stale stench.  No air conditioning, no cable, and no regular cleaning schedule. Yet, when it came to where my friends and I would meet to chill, play video games, and discuss girls, it was that less than extravagant three bedroom ranch on 107th and Garfield.  Maybe it was the laid back parenting of my father.  Maybe it was the unlimited frozen pizzas and soft drinks readily available just in case of the apocalypse.  Either way, it was the meeting place of my crew through the high school and college years. Though we never drank alcohol, used drugs, or miraculously connected with a member of the opposite sex there, this was a very memorable place for me and some of the closest friends I have ever had.  My house was never known for amazing amenities or tidiness and order. But what happened under that roof during the most formative years of my life left me with wonderful memories I wouldn't exchange for the finest mansion in the world.

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