March 23, 2014

DD #22 - NBCT

The everyday activities of a teacher often revolves around acronyms.  I've been through IEP's, CAT meetings, the WSRA, PBIS trainings, RTI lectures, and SOS activities.  However, the most strenuous and stressful acronym that comes to mind is my NBPTS experience, which led to me becoming an official NBCT. In other words, my training to becoming a National Board certified Teacher.  After countless hours of writing and revising, a pair of weekend retreats, after school progress meetings, casual conversations with cohorts, literally thousands of dollars spent, and never ending organizing, waking up the day the results were posted was excruciatingly exciting. I knew I would be in Madison that day and I wasn't sure if I wanted to ruin that day by checking my results and seeing the inevitable, and expected, failing scores.  A hope was that the score was close enough to only have to re-do one portfolio or  a few tests. When I woke up that morning just past seven and decided to check my phone while still in bed. I was elated when I read the words, "Congratulations! You are a National Board Certified Teacher." Over a year of hard work had all been worth it for that moment.

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