March 22, 2014

DD #21 - Man's Best Friend

The best things in life are often the things that are taken for granted. Two of the most important things I often overlook are snuggling right next to me all the time. Nugget and Brewzer. My dogs love me without fail. If my lesson bombed or I feel sick, it takes nothing more than a snuggle with one of my "pupperonis" to get back on track. Sure, they can be obnoxious, bark incessantly, and act crazy on the arrival of pretty much any person, but no matter what, they are loving and faithful.  Dogs might "just" be pets, but I think people can certainly learn from them. They obey and forgive without question. They protect and entertain. They keep you warm and keep you busy. They're ready to go for a walk when you are, but just as open to an evening of lounging. Above it all, they are there to make you happy because believe it or not, you make them happy. And all it takes is a little attention, some belly rubs, and maybe an occasional pig's ear. If people were more like dogs, what would this world be?  Pretty simple if you ask me. . . . better.

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