March 6, 2014

DD # 7 - Grandma

Time and time again, people say that their grandmother was the sweetest lady they had ever known. I fall into that category.  For years, she graciously spoiled me with delicious treats and provided me with magazines and activities that inspired my love of reading.  She also hooked me to word searches, beginning a lifelong love of vocabulary and word games. I think of her often and miss her dearly. Fortunately, the sea of positive memories swallows up the bitter taste in my mouth that has lingered since her passing. That night, it was known her time on this earth was coming to an abrupt end. Unfortunately, those final moments showcased a side of her I had never known and wish I had never experienced. The dementia she suffered from morphed her into a foul-mouthed version of the lady I grew up admiring.  I remember hearing her curse at her nurses.  I remember the angry and dark look in her eyes that made her unrecognizable. I remember seeing this personality change shift back into the grandma I knew and loved when I went to her side and said my goodbyes while she grabbed my hand and let go for the last time.

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