March 21, 2014

DD #19 - Stick Races

Living down the street from the creek led to many adventures: catching frogs, collecting railroad spikes, graffiti hunting, and train watching. However, one activity that seems to have passed the test of time is garbage races, though the adult and responsible side of me has evolved this into stick races.  With the creek having two waterfalls, the concept is simple. Search for and choose the perfect stick throw it right at the crest of the first waterfall and cheer it on until it passes over the second waterfall. Using a scientific mind to calculate gravity, angles, and currents is helpful, but the dumb luck of avoiding getting caught in the undertow or snagged by a different pieces of debris was the ultimate guide to a successful race. I remember epic battles involving my uncle and cousins. I remember passing this tradition on to my own nieces and nephews, while adding new wrinkles: a stopping stick and a safe zone. Such a basic activity really brings back memories of how fun it was to be a carefree and curious kid. I look forward to taking my own children to the creek, picking out that perfect stick, and creating even more memories.

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