March 9, 2014

DD # 10 - Pe Terd

 As is tradition in elementary classrooms, holidays bring about a time to create an obligatory arts and craft project.  With turkey day quickly approaching, we were given the option of turning  paper plate and paper strips of varying colors into a Native American headdress or a turkey.  I chose the latter and made a rainbow feathered turkey. In my haste to identify this accomplishment with my name, a spacing error was made that haunted me for much of my elementary career.  At that point, I was labeling my work with my first name and last initial:  Peter D.  However, when placing letters on my turkey, I left too much room between the first "e" and "t" while and failed to leave enough gap between the "r" and "D."  In essence, I made the fatal faux pas of turning a basic name into two words associated with second grade bathroom humor.  Having this nickname forced me into geekily attempting to create my own nickname in high school. In very poor taste, I chose Maxi, because of my P.A.D. initials.  As self-created nicknames often do, this one never really stuck, fortunate for me.  However, being nicknamed Donkey in college wasn't much better.

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