March 6, 2014

CZ #3 - Put the 2 Ball in the A Hole

As a teacher, there have been incidents where something I've said or done made me feel like I would be sent to the principal's office. My worst fear is cursing in front of the kids.  I did let a damn slip out once.  Luckily, it was only a whisper and the child who heard it said his mom said much worse all the time. There was the inadvertent curse.   I said, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It needs to be much quieter."  Instantly, my students connected the shhhh with the it. Not good. I was searching online for a bowling alley where a fundraiser for our school was taking place and found a different type of entertainment instead. I alerted our district tech staff immediately.  I once told a child who was being a goofball in line to take a seat and he did, all through recess and lunch, missing his lunch and alarming his parents. My most memorable mishap was a 4th grade math lesson where I was teaching a billiards game using reflective mirrors (the balls and pockets were labeled with numbers and letters) and I told the kids the goal was to put the 2 ball in the A hole. Yep.

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