March 26, 2014

DD # 26 - Never Missed a Day. . ..almost

I was always excited for the end of year school awards ceremony where I consistently picked up my Perfect Attendance certificate. I NEVER missed school.  Not sure if it was because of my love for learning, my super immune system, or lack of cable television.  Either way, I went to school.  Even chicken pox  was smart enough to come over winter break. This all changed one morning in 5th grade. For a time in those formative years, I slept on the floor in my living room (again. . .not sure why) instead of the bunk bed in my room.  My dad would usually wake me up before leaving for work.  I'd get ready and then walk to school. That fateful day, I awoke in the living room as my dad came home for a mid-morning break from a client visit.  Luckily for me, he didn't see me wrapped in the pile of blankets on the frontroom floor. While he was in a different room, I snuck into my room, waited it out until he left, and then rushed to school, entering my classroom about 10:30.  I never did miss a day of grade school, at least not a full one.

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