March 12, 2014

CZ # 5 - Hook 'em Hores

Teachers often cannot name any of their own children a name of a student who ran them ragged. I definitely have names on my "NO NAME" list. One such individual had a cocky attitude and a defiant aura that made him not only a class favorite and leader among the boys and cuteness the girls were drawn to.  He signed everything with his name and $. Classy, I know. However, his trademark was leaving the expression of his favorite collegiate football team, the University of Texas Longhorns, on everything he turned on.  However, and I am not sure if it was a spelling issue or some sort of hearing problem, but he wrote "Hook 'em Hores" instead of the actual slogan, "Hook 'em Horns." Whether it was his constant disrespect, perpetual laziness, or that smirk, I never did have the heart to inform of this egregious and comical misuse of the saying.  I figured he'd learn someday without my help. Sweet justice did occur a few years later when the awkwardness of adolescence had most definitely knocked him down a  few pegs.  I am not sure if he was still was a Texas fan by then.

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