March 3, 2014

DD #6 - Boredom Breeds Creativity

Creativity was never something my family lacked. Growing up, many days were spent playing with my cousins.  Football, basketball, and exploring were the norm.  However, those "regular" activities often led to boredom.  We spiced it up with some creative activities. Ever heard of handball?  We made our own basement version which involved whipping a soft, foam like ball towards each other's goal with a quick scoop of the palm.   Games were very exciting and competitive until an errant ball hit something it wasn't intending to, drawing the wrath of an aunt or uncle.  Occasionally, pitch black pillow fights were held.  Of course, there was often a shortage of pillows, so couch cushions worked as well.  If we felt especially courageous, a  round of table tennis paddle pool quenched our competitive thirst.  Nothing means crazy competition  until you use a paddle to try and sink pool balls into pockets. Not all of our creative games were held indoors.  In the outside world, we probably drew criticism and garnered some strange looks from neighbors during garbage races at the creek, net basketball in the driveway, and baseball croquet around the lawn. It's amazing what happens when boredom, creativity, and a few boys unite.

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