March 7, 2014

DD #8 - Big Screen Banter

Growing up in a cable-less, computer-less household, I may hold movies in a higher regard than the average person. Whether it was on my own or with my friends, watching movies from my home's extensive library or taking a trip to Blockbuster was a regular occurrence.  That being said, though the variety of movie options available to us was seemingly endless, movies selected came from a small, yet important collection of movies we watched repeatedly.  Movies were more than entertainment. They were a representation of my own personality. Not a conversation went on where my friends and I didn't reference a movie scene or quote one of our favorite lines. As I matured and married, the importance of these movie memories didn't not change.  Actually, it might have been enhanced as I shared some of my favorites with my wife while learning more about movies that shaped her into who she had become. Our love is more than movies, but the movies we love connects us and the lines and moments from these flicks is a staple in our daily lives. One thing I know for sure is that movies don't make me who I am, but they certainly help.

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