March 17, 2014

DD #16 - Breese Terrace

People come into your life for reasons you sometimes do not understand. I truly believe my senior year roommates were brought into my life to make me a better person. I met Jeff at a bible study my sophomore year and instantly made a connection that led to nights watching hockey and sipping Smirnoff's, a spring break retreat to Panama City Beach, and hearty discussions about beer. Mike was extremely intelligent, super competitive, and at times, stubborn, so discussing sports, especially fantasy sports was always intense. Byrne definitely came into my life for comic relief. He lets you call him by his last name, has a contagious chuckle, and even allows a dropkick every once in a while. I really couldn't have asked for a better person to share a room with in my final year of college. In our three bedroom apartment, the four of us had adventures of making fun of our housemates, setting up multiple TV's for important viewing nights, instant messaging each other even when while in the same room to express our discontent for internal situations, enduring epic kooshball battles, winning a rec league floor hockey league, and of course, relieving ourselves on our neighbor's house.

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