March 14, 2014

DD #14 - Closing Time

My high school job was at Cousin's Subs. I worked there from the summer after my freshman year to the summer before college.  Starting off as a sandwichmaker and being forced to clock out at 7:00 to abide by Wisconsin's child labor laws, I worked my way to cashier and was offered an assistant manager position by the son of of one of the founders for a Cousin's in Madison. I decided my fast food career was over and didn'ty take the offer.  I remember the short shift schedule of cleaning bathrooms, emptying garbages, picking through the garbage to save the brown plastic trays, and preparing the bread for the next day's baking session.  I remember the closing schedule of manning the grill, cleaning the grill and fry station, emptying the sandwich station, and sweeping and mopping the lobby. Cashiering involved assisting customers, taking phone orders, cleaning the soup station, and dishwashing. No matter the position, I remember having fun, meeting interesting people and customers, and rocking out in the backroom.  Like clockwork, while locking up at 9:30pm, Semisonic's "Closing Time" hit the airwaves.  Whenever I hear that song, I smell onions  and remember the good times had at Cousin's.

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