March 27, 2014

DD # 27 - Bowling Blunders

208. My highest score. Nothing exciting,  but an admirable achievement, considered it was accomplished at the ripe old age of nine. In over two decades since that fateful day, I can't recall breaking the 200 pin barrier. However, I do recall many bowling memories. Whipping the lightest ball I could find down the lane in a meager attempt to smash pins and impress friends and females. Reversing that silliness and grabbing the heaviest ball possible to once again impress my friends and garner attention from the opposite sex. Failed attempts in both regards, but worthy attempts nonetheless. Overnight bowl-a-thons through my grade school's youth group where I drank countless ounces of soda, ate slices of pizza until I felt sick, and played game after game until the blisters set in. Trips to Bowlero with my cousins and uncle where the simple goal was to beat our alpha male uncle while at the same avoiding embarrassment of him whipping off his shirt and twirling it around with every strike and spare. Though my  bowling days have decreased significantly as I've aged, I can't help but wonder if I'll ever match 208 or at least impress a friend or female while trying.

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