March 16, 2014

CZ #7 - Don't You Forget About Me!

Students are at the heart of a teachers world. Teachers discover what makes them tick and work to help them tick the right way. Certain students leave a lasting memory. One such individual will always hold a special place in my heart, and not just because of his mop of carrot-colored hair. He had some rough edges. He enjoyed cussing, was easily frustrated, and was as organized as a paper factory in a tornado. But through it all, he worked, he struggled, and most importantly, he grew. He grew into a more independent learner and opened up socially. One of his goals was to avoid cursing and exploding when upset. Upon realizing an assignment was missing, he yelled, "OH MY FREAKING GOD. . .wait. . .OH MY FREAKING GOSH. . .wait. . .OH MY GOSH." That audible transition proved he was making positive growth. His disorganization also caused him to forget items when transitioning into our neighboring class for math groups.  Almost daily, after leaving my room, he would saunter back to retrieve something. When realizing the teacher had continues to teach without him, he would exclaim without fail, " DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME!"  Don't worry, I never will.

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