March 2, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #1 - The Interview That Changed It All

Six months out of college with no job leads in sight, I found myself in an interview with a life insurance company. Set up through my father's financial advisor, I was happy to have the opportunity, but had no specific interest in selling life insurance for a career. The interview involved a traditional-style conversation and a computerized "happiness" assessment. After a successful chat with my interviewer, I was off to the computer. On the test, scores above 110 showed this job would be one I would enjoy. A score less than 110 meant this job might not be for me. As if coming into this interview not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life wasn't confusing enough, I managed to score exactly 110. This was the best thing that could have happened. After conferring with my interviewer, I let down my guard and spoke from the heart about my true aspirations. Though this outpouring of  thoughts eliminated me from employment as a insurance agent, I gained much more that day. Perspective. I knew where I was headed. Within weeks, I was enrolled in graduate school and on my way to being exactly what I was meant to be.

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