March 19, 2014

CZ #10 - A REAL Surprising Shower

I was honored when a baby shower was thrown for my family by my kindergarteners and their families. The event was wonderful. The children played a game where we matched baby pictures to students.  We also estimated and measured my wife's baby belly with toilet paper. Since we had ducked out on math stations early, I was glad we still practiced crucial math skills of estimation and measurement. We enjoyed delicious cake and the students received a gift bag of their own. My wife and were gifted a baby quilt with animal squares and a special square showing the students' names. The class was excited to throw the party and despite my best acting, the surprise had been blown. I can honestly say I didn't know of any of the plans until that morning when  a question and a comment was thrown my way as students entered the room. A student first inquired when Mrs. Dargatz was arriving. Though that may have got me thinking, it wasn't until the follow up comment that I knew something special was coming. A second student informed me that her mom took off of work so she could some to school to shower with me.

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