March 19, 2014

CZ #9 - Classroom Zoo

Whenever I mention to people, especially those not in the education profession, I get some unusual looks when I tell them that I call my classroom the classroom zoo. It's not because I consider my students wild animals (although some days I need to remind myself of this). They are not caged and allowed to hoot and holler like animals confined for our entertainment and education. That being said, we are a very active classroom and sometimes that requires being a bit louder than one night normally expect. My classroom zoo theme is based on my belief that every child is unique and distinct from their peers. Imagine going to a zoo and seeing the same exact animal in every exhibit. How uneventful would that be? I love visiting the zoo to see the wonderful variety in creatures. Their differences make them fascinating to me. So too is my view of every student I am blessed to work with each day. Their uniqueness makes every day an adventure. My classroom is a collection of special talents, skills, and personalities that truly makes it an excellent place to visit and learn. I love my zoo and I know my students do too.

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