March 18, 2014

DD # 17 -Centerfield Puddle

Little League baseball is a rite of passage for many children. I remember being extremely excited from graduating from YMCA T-ball to my first ever baseball team, the Pistons in Tosa League. This excitement led me to getting my uniform hours before the game and visualizing how I would perform. Unfortunately, for my first ever game, my visualizations did not turn into reality, although the result is definitely unforgettable. When coach sent me to centerfield, I could not wait for the first ball sent my way.  I was also ready to take my first hacks at the dish. To be honest, I can't even remember if I got a ball in the field or how I swung the bat that day. I do remember coming in from the field, preparing to tell my coach and teammates to be wary of the puddle in centerfield.  My seven year old understanding didn't quite realize they would be able to figure out that on this bright, sunny, and DRY day, there was no puddle and that I didn't fall in any water, but instead let the nerves of my first game get the best of me. What a way to start a baseball career!

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