March 25, 2014

DD # 25 - First and Last

A classic behavior seen in young children marks the beginning of the boy chase girl phase of adolescence.  Whether it is physical or verbal annoyance, harassing the opposite gender usually means one is interested in the individual he or she is harassing.  This must have been true in my case as I went out of my way to try and look up the skirt of a classmate in 3rd grade.  She did not react positively to my advances, reporting the incident and earning me my first ever pink slip, a note sent home by the teacher informing parents of poor behaviors and requiring a parental signature. Never having this happen and fearful of the potential consequences it might bring, I played it smart and forged my dad's signature, forgetting he was a southpaw. After turning it in the following morning, I never looked back.  Well, at least until later that day when I was sent to the office to talk to the principal and receive my first and only green slip, or demerit.  It was a slip saved for major offenses.  I don't remember what my consequence even was, but I definitely never got a pink or green slip again.

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