March 17, 2014

CZ #8 -Kindergarten Confusion

When I was told by my principal that I was being moved to kindergarten, I was pumped. This was something I had always been interested in.  A day later, when he frantically stopped by my room and told me that the district found a licensing issue, I was very distraught.  Apparently. a typo sent in paperwork that went from my graduate school to the state licensing offices indicated I was in a different licensure range than what I really was.   While at Cardinal Stritch, I had to choose between and PreK-6th grade license or a 1-9 license. With the 1-9 license, I needed a minor. Since my Consumer Science degree from Madison didn't correlate to a minor and I wasn't too interested in middle school, the Birth-6th  license was the one I pursued. I graduated from Stritch, filed my license paperwork, and was hired quickly, so I didn't really pay all that much detail to the license sent to me by the state. Seven years later, that lack of detail almost bit me in the behind as I almost lost my kindergarten opportunity. Luckily, with a few phone calls and e-mails, the issue was corrected and my kindergarten adventure could begin.

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