March 23, 2014

DD #23 - Worm Collection

On rainy days, worms escape the soggy underground to avoid drowning.  Many are unable to find the grassy ground in the streets and driveways that cover the earth and are left to dehydrate and die helpless on the concrete. If only I had better understood these facts at an earlier age.  Seeing this as a child, I came up with a master plan one day to save the worms. One rainy afternoon, I scoured my neighborhood looking to save every worm I could find.  I filled up two of my sand buckets with water and went to the curblines, picking up every worm I could find, and held them in my buckets until the rain stopped and I could return them to their homes. After probably an hour and two buckets full of worms, I placed the buckets on the side of my house.  A befuddled father came home to ask me what I was doing with dead worms in a bucket. After revealing my intentions, I was sad to find out that I killed them all by drowning them, epically failing in my worm-saving attempts. My worm rescue career ended with a watery mass grave down at the creek.

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