March 7, 2014

DD #9 - Grandpa's Popcorn

Childhood Saturday mornings were spent visiting my grandfather at either his house or assisted living residence.  At his house, I  played in my father's childhood bedroom or spent time around the apple tree doing assorted yard work.  I also worked to avoid Patches, the feline that hated everyone other than my grandpa.  When at the assisted living residence, watching baseball was the essential activity of choice, though the Cubs game took priority over the Brewers due to my grandpa's affinity with Harry Caray.  Regardless of where these visits took place, grandpa's famous popcorn was always on the menu. Normally, I enjoyed popcorn.  However, his popcorn was different. It was more than a snack. It was a meal. Grandpa was very conservative in his political and fiscal opinions, but very liberal with his butter usage.  His popcorn, which he shared in an actual cup, was very reminiscent of a beverage. Each kernel was saturated, yet there was still a puddle of butter on the bottom.  Worst thing was that no was never an option.  You were eating the popcorn and you were getting seconds.  If my arteries are blocked with butter at the time of my death, I know who to blame.

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Julie Smith said...

What a Christmas you had that year, but I bet it prepared you for those jobs you had at the zoo! Have you shared this story with Ms.DeShong?