March 27, 2014

CZ #11 - The Innocence of Ignorance

The world might just be a much better place if we were all kindergartners. Their life experience, or inexperiences, offer up valuable entertainment each and every day. When they try to be funny, it usually doesn't work out.  I have heard more terrible and nonsense knock knock jokes and anecdotes in the last year than  can count. But the kids like to share them , so I have mastered the fake laugh just for them. That being said, I thin kindergarteners are some of the funniest people in the world, especially when they aren't trying to be. One such moment that still gets me chuckling is the time I walked into a corner of the room and saw one of my little ladies lying on her back with her legs up towards the ceiling. When I asked her what she was doing, she responded in the most "duh" voice imaginable, "I'm having a baby." Kids also have argued  vehemently that all cats are girls and all dogs are boys. I have heard them mispronounce and misinterpret so many things, yet I am often too busy trying to hold back for my hysterics to correct them. Their "innocence of ignorance" truly inspires.

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