March 13, 2014

DD #13 - Procrastinating Priorities

The quote underneath my high school senior photo read, "I'd love to become a procrastinator, but I don't think I could fit it into my schedule."  This quote fits me perfectly. I am a high-energy individual with his mind on a million things at once. I don't mean to wait until the last minute with certain things, but I do prioritize things. Certain things are low on that list of priorities. We remodeled our kitchen a few years back.  That project was a summer of blood, sweat, and tears. Now, almost three years later, the trim isn't quite done. And, to be honest, I couldn't care less. It's not a priority. People are always telling me they are amazed at how much energy I have, especially after a  day of working with five year olds. Apparently my mental exhaustion doesn't quite correlate with my physical propensity to move from one thing to another without seeming to take a breath in between each activity. The fact is, I love being busy and have way too many interests to stay stagnant. I don't mean to procrastinate with things. It's just that life is too short to worry about things that aren't a priority.
                                                      Some priorities take precedence.

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