March 10, 2014

DD #11 - 1:55:57

I've never been a superstar athlete, but I've been able to play competitively on basketball, football, and baseball teams since I was able to hold a bat and dribble a ball.  However, with Father Time bearing down on me, it was harder to keep up in more competitive activities, so I turned to more recreational forms of competition. While this was less demanding, I needed an outlet to release my need to compete. I chose to compete against myself. I'd been telling my students ignore what others are doing and focus on how you can improve yourself every day.  I figured I should put my advice into practice so I registered for a mini-marathon. For six months, I trained, alternating between running longer distances and/or alternating speeds. When the day of the marathon came, 50 degree weather and torrential downpours would not stop me from reaching my goal, a goal that changed from merely finishing the 13.1 mile trek to finishing in under two hours. Though the race was quite a challenge, the pride and exhilaration of reaching the goal was amazing.  Plus, the cookie handed out at the finish line was undoubtedly the tastiest cookie I have ever eaten!

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