March 5, 2014

CZ # 2 - Torrid Teaching Affair

I knew something was up when on a Monday morning, the teacher who worked in the room adjacent to mine was waiting for me in the office demanding we have a sit-down with the principal. Little did I know that she received some rather interesting e-mails that weekend that painted us both in a very controversial light. Being a recent newlywed, I was quite shocked to find out that that previous Friday, I  divorced my wife and spent the entire day "getting close" to my educational cohort.  Well, at least that was the rumor spread by one of my little angels. Now, my teacher friend and I did spend that Friday together, but the most excitement we had  involved inquiry circles around non-fiction texts, not  much of an aphrodisiac. Of course, this rumor spread like a Californian wildfire through the grade level and  before we knew what hit us, parents demanded an explanation. Our associate principal was more than happy to respond to concerned parents with concerns and sternly rebuke the rumor and discuss the evils of gossip with both of our classes. I struggled to keep myself from laughing that whole day. They don't teach you about this in college.

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