August 29, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #67 - A Cap for Steve

What was a videotaped book report came to be a talking point for a core group of grade school friends for years to come.  A Cap for Steve, by Morley Callaghan is a simple short story right out of the traditional basal text common to elementary schools. This story revolved around a boy's baseball cap and life lessons he learns involving the cap. Through some assignment in grade school, we were expected to make a videotaped book report.  This allowed us all to practice out acting skills. Since I was the clown of the group, it made sense to have me play the female character. We spent our videotaping day at my friend Steve's house, who coincidentally played the character of Steve. Dressed up in a lovely flowered dress, I was the ridicule of the neighbors, getting cat calls from the girls across the street. I had some unfortunate voice mishaps and wonderful lines such as, "please sit at the davenport." Jon, Steve, Ed and I each played an important role in this production. Though the acting may not have been Oscar-worthy and the editing very elementary, the book report was a success and has entertained us for many years.


JamJam said...

Please tell me this tape still exists.

Peter Dargatz said...

Oh it does!