August 12, 2014

Classroom Zoo #15 - Musical Mayhem

Fridays are bittersweet for teachers. We all love and need weekends, but Fridays can always be tricky. Some play catch up on Fridays. Some end their week with more choice time and play time. Others assess, assess, and assess some more to help plan for the following week.  Most try to do all of these things. I, however, try to do something a little different. Each Friday, my classroom plans, rehearses, and records a "music video" based on that week's poem or shared reading. Ever heard of a rap song about apples?  We have. Ever seen a poem on transportation done by children wearing vehicle-themed hats and performed with personalized choreography?  I have. Want to witness children singing in an opera style and occasionally breakdancing to the theme of gingerbread? Stop on in, the door is always open! To say my classroom is a bit musical is an understatement of all understatements. We are either listening to music, singing songs, or performing pretty much all the time. With summer coming to an end and the preparations being made for another new beginning, I can't help but think about what music videos will be created this year.

Don't worry. I'll share.

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