August 11, 2014

DD #55 - Integrated Liberal Studies. . .I think.

Meeting with my college advisor before my freshman year, I was excited to select courses.  Unfortunately, with my registration being towards the end of the scheduled days for incoming underclassmen, my choices were limited. As he guided me, I signed up for the standard intro to psychology, geography class, and calculus.  What was problematic was a very limited supply of courses that would knock off the English pre-requisite needed for just about every major. A remaining course was Integrated Liberal Studies 200. Even the title confused me. Nevertheless, I trusted my advisor and signed up.  It was a mistake. This class was a weekly discussion that debated current and contemporary issues.  Our classes met at a house that was transitioned into the ILS campus building.  After my first session, I knew that was a course for the experience, more intellectual student, not a naive and overwhelmed freshman. I don't remember much about the actual discussions I had (or actually listened to) as I was in over my head and lost when it came to adding valid and reliable discussion points. I do remember writing a project about the Milwaukee County Research Park near my house and escaping with a BC.

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