August 21, 2014

DD #62 - The Gold Medal

It was yet another close game.  I had confidence in my team but simultaneously was second-guessing decisions made earlier in the game.  Was I aggressive enough?  Was I over aggressive?  Did I make smart switches? Then. . .while mulling over every last detail and scenario, it happened. We won. The gold medal was ours.  I was relieved, excited, and more than anything else, proud of what we had accomplished together.

It was a cloudy, wet Saturday afternoon in La Crosse and the North Suburban Sluggers had battled through a choppy season filled with rain delays and cancelled practices. The Sluggers had faced and beaten many foes on their way to the softball championship game. We got an early lead and worked to hold off our opponents while praying that mother nature held off as well.  As each inning continues, the weather looked darker and more threatening.  But, we could only control what we could control so we pressed forward.  As each inning passed, the excitement grew as the nerves increased. When game ended, we held a paper thin one run lead as the skies blackened. The impending storm couldn't darken our exhilaration that came as we finished with the victory.

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