August 22, 2014

Discovering Dargatz #63 - Git R Done Sausage

Working at a major league ballpark certainly allowed for unique experiences and occasional perks, like food deals, such as the Trevor dog, giveaways like autographed balls and bobbleheads as work incentives, and a free bag of peanuts after every Sunday game. While others can get numb to seeing major leaguers milling around every game, the fan side of my personality comes out  when I am so close to what was my dream profession growing up. This feeling also comes to me when the occasional celebrity makes an appearance. They might be there as a fan when they're in town for their own act. They might be throwing out the first pitch. They might be part of some promotional event. No matter the reason, when a celebrity stops by the ballpark, it is always fun to be a part of the excitement. One special appearance was when I was preparing for a sausage race. I was walking out the doors to the service level when I hear from behind me, "Git R Done Sausage." I glanced behind me and see (in an obstructed sausage view) Larry the Cable Guy. Fan or not, I still feel pretty cool that we had the encounter.

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