August 3, 2014

DD # 50 - Freedom Tank

I spent nights volunteering at a hospital in the Acute Care of the Elderly, or ACE unit. My duties were pretty open, but mainly allowed me to socialize with the patients, many of which spent weeks there without visitors. They were there for reasons including recovering from surgery and persistent illness. An adorable couple taught me how to play and then went ahead and dominated me at Cribbage. A woman who struggled with her memories loved looking through old pictures and reminiscing about her glory days. Others just enjoyed shooting the breeze and getting to know a new friend. However, regardless of age or gender, illness or injury, one activity was enjoyed by all who took advantage of it.  In the activity room was a large fish tank. Many patients were excited to walk to be wheeled into the room to sit and admire the fish. What struck me was how such a simple and mundane activity brought so much joy to people. I distinctly remember looking into the eyes of these incredible individuals and being happy seeing them enjoy themselves. They seemed so free, so relaxed, and so ready to reflect on their lives and prepare for whatever was ahead.

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