August 7, 2014

DD #54 - The Shortest Job of My Life

For one night, I was a member of the Bradley Center transition team, the group responsible for changing over the floor to accommodate different sporting and/or special events. This job was originally meant to be a stepping stone to a career in professional sports. An added twist was that my friend was also hired so we were able to experience the joys (and frustration) together. That first night, we were in charge of transitioning the Admirals ice into the Marquette University basketball floor. While my buddy was assigned to a corner of the ice and to remove  glass panels, I was in charge of clearing out the visitors bench.  I was pretty psyched to get such a "cool" assignment until I quickly realized that this meant cleaning Gatorade bottles, organizing random lengths of athletic tape, and disposing of the obligatory blood and sweat-stained towel. After all that cleaning and the physical exhaustion of lifting, twisting, and positioning puzzle pieces of basketball court, I knew I might have to change my opinion of this sports entry job. Luckily for me, a school position was offered to me the next day, just in time to leave my first and last "I quit" voicemail.

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