August 12, 2014

DD #57 - Getting up at 4AM Wasn't All That Bad

I was always an early riser as a child, so getting a morning paper route for the Sentinel was a logical job for me. The paper came around four in the morning. My father and I added any inserts if necessary and ventured out in opposite directions every morning but Sunday. The -75 wind chill day was forgettable. The blizzard was regrettable. The special gift an overhead bird gave was unavoidable. Overall, loading up the red, squeaky wagon and carrying that satchel around my neighborhood brings back lots of wonderful memories. Either way, I took my job seriously and was very excited when I received compliments from my customers for my work. While most customers pre-paid, I did get to meet some face to face as I went out to "collect" them monthly. I also experienced annual interactions as I went out to "sell" calendars. When the decision was made to merge the Sentinel and Journal, I was still excited about the opportunity of gaining a few more customers and dollars. When I found out that my expected range of delivery was now approximately five times larger than my current route, I knew my paper illustrious carrier career was over.

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