August 11, 2014

Discovering Dargatz # 56 - Ball Boy Blues

When I got the letter stating I had an interview for Bucks Team Attendant, excitement took over.  Not only would I have the possibility of money, but I had a chance to work around professional athletes. When I got through the first interview in the depths of the Bradley Center and was selected for a second interview, I was ecstatic. After a second interview came and passed and I got the call inviting me in to tour the locker room and meet the staff, I could hardly contain the emotions I felt inside. However, that emotion quickly disappeared this third and final interview. Somehow, in the first two interviews, the fact that I was only fifteen slipped through the cracks. It wasn't until now that I found out only candidates with reliable modes of transportation were considered. Even the promise of having my father drop me off as needed didn't win over the Bucks personnel. I felt somewhat relieved when I was told I would be an alternate that season and would be called when needed. I guess I was never needed. The phone never rang, I never got that chance, and my dream of working for the Bucks was squashed.

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