August 25, 2014

DD #64 - MC Hammer & Beverly Cleary - A Match Made in Heaven

Sometimes, you make up ridiculous fibs to get out of something you thought might lead to ridicule. In grade school, I was the master of this. Telling people I ate cheese popcorn for breakfast when I was quite irresponsible about personal hygiene, including brushing my teeth.  Wearing my shoes on the wrong feet and when caught, describing how they felt better that way. Another dealt with a fifth grade audio book report. I had selected the book Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary. I did not make this choice based on the other wonderful stories of this famous children's author but instead picked this book because it was a book of letters and looked like it would be easier to read.  I was all about the easy way out at this stage. Because I rushed my way through the story and knew just enough to make it seem like I read the book, I knew I had to add something memorable. I decided on adding some background music. What better way to represent this story then the sounds of MC Hammer's Pray blasting through the cassette player. No silly lie or cute story could get me out of that poor decision.

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