August 13, 2014

DD #58 - First Day Mishap

My first day as a paperboy must have been exciting.  So exciting that I forgot to so the basic task that I made sure to do every other day: counting the papers before delivering them. As I headed down the final stretch, I realized I was three papers short.  Not wanting to disappoint my customers on my first day, I went and got two quarters and "bought" three papers for the price of one at the paperbox down the block.  I definitely made sure to count my papers before starting delivery the rest of my paper delivery career. Not every delivery mishap was entirely my fault. I always took pride in front door service, so I made sure to place papers inside the front door so my customers did not have to endure any potential weather elements in getting their paper.  This "service" brought me some tips and good words, but also brought me some scares. Once, I enjoyed a nice morning sprint avoiding a vicious-sounding dog.  Another surprise that awaited me was a gun pulled on me from a customer just waking up on their couch. I never expected my paperboy career to be as adventurous as it truly was.

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