August 8, 2014

Tales From the Trails

Hiking has really become an important and enriching activity of mine. Being a self-proclaimed "nature nerd," I've joined the Ice Age Trail Alliance, an organization focusing on enjoying, sustaining, building, and celebrating the Ice Age Trail (IAT).  The IAT is a nearly 1,100 mile nationally-renown trail entirely within the limits of Wisconsin.  It loosely follows the terminal moraine of the glaciers during the last Ice Age and is truly a national treasure. I highly encourage you to check out the Ice Age Trail Alliance website and see what the IAT can offer you. (

I've enjoyed the trail so much over the least year, I have even volunteered time helping out at special events hosted by my county chapter, trekked and checked off many segments in my hopes of one day achieving 1,000 miler status, and actually brought hiking into my educational world. Next summer, I will be leading a summer school course through my district called Saunters where about 30 students and I will explore the trail and apply what we learned to a variety of service opportunities and activities.  I am also very proud that I am the coordinator of Tyke Hikes (I even have business cards to prove it).  Tyke Hikes are short family-friendly hikes through parts of the Ice Age Trail.  Each hike focuses on a different natural theme.

I am also very excited that my amazing wife and beautiful daughter are also hiking enthusiasts.  We love getting out and about on the trails and seeing all the beauty and wonder nature has to offer. To keep our excursions fresh in my mind, I do blog each hike and will cherish looking back over these stories as thew years pass. Check out my adventures at my other blog, Tales From the Trails ( More importantly, go out and make some adventures of your own!

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