August 1, 2014

DD # 49 - Quintuple Bypass

What was an appointment on the first day of spring break turned into an ultimate life-changer that set the wheels of change in motion and impacted my family forever. Taking my father to the doctor and seeing the struggles of a stress test made him aware of how his physical inabilities were a bigger issue than he thought. Meeting privately with a heart doctor and hearing how his results showed the need for a bypass in the relatively immediate future opened my eyes as well. This news changed everything. It led to decisions regarding the future of my sister, the future of my father, and the future of my wife and I. Many moments spent at the hospital thinking, planning, praying. Thinking about the past.  Planning for the future.  Praying for the best. I remember seeing my father helpless in the recovery wing with tubes and beeping machines. That gave me a new perspective on everything. I hated that moment.  But. . .everything happens for a reason. The time he spent living with us and recovering gave us time  to improve our relationship and build stronger plans for my sister, so ultimately it was a blessing in a very depressing disguise.

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