July 31, 2014

DD # 48 - Low Point

Low points in life take a toll.  When I took over guardianship for my sister, I dreaded the moment I knew was inevitable. I was not prepared for how miserable the feeling would be when it actually occurred. Another outburst meant a trip to the hospital. The time to threaten was over.  Inaction would have set the cycle back exponentially so when the call was made, there was no turning back. As the police drove her away, I felt a sense of relief and was hopeful this drastic measure might open her eyes and help her in the long run. Going to the hospital to talk to the doctor and see her in a state of sadness and terror made all that relief and hope immediately disappear.  Guilt set in, and still remains today. The absolute was the moment I informed her she would be staying the night.  The explosion of emotions I saw in her tearful reaction haunts me and gave me a sense of how such an experience can profoundly impact a person. This was a low point in my life, but the decision was made, and it was the beginning of a new chapter, a better chapter.

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