July 29, 2014

DD #47 - Patient on the Loose

Living in a very quiet neighborhood, rarely did I see police patrolling the streets near my home.  So it was a bit surprising to see so many of them one particular evening. Even more surprising was having them using stereo systems to tell all of us to get inside and lock the doors as someone from the county mental hospital just a few minutes away had escaped and was on the lam. Instantly, I "knew" the steps the patient had taken and retraced them in my mind. I knew he had crossed the creek into my neighborhood and was now hiding in my garage. I even remember staring out the windows of my house to catch a glimpse of this individual. Even after  police patrols returned and used their loudspeakers to give is the all clear, I wasn't so sure. For some time, I was worried and paranoid that this was going to happen again and again. This happened to coincide with when OJ Simpson infamously joyrided in the Bronco.  Even though this was happening across the country, I "knew" he was in my room and had many nightmares of him hiding out in my closet. Thank God I was wrong.

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