July 27, 2014

DD # 46 - Legally Blind Surprise

Fresh out of getting my license and my first car, I was excited to enjoy the freedom that came with it. I was quickly introduced to the price of that freedom. I was heading down Highway 100 in the left very open left lane while I noticed the middle lane was clogged a bit. I predicted some of those impatient middle-laners might want to move over to the swiftly moving left lane.  However, even while making that reasonable assumption and preparing for it by slowing my own pace, I was unfortunately sideswiped. While the damage was minimal, I still remember the dent in my passengers side and his hubcap spinning around and coming to rest on the grassy median. I appreciated one witness, noting she saw him hit me, having enough courtesy to leave me her information to provide to the police if necessary. However, my greatest memory was watching the owner of the other vehicle, a gentlemen with obvious physical limitations, get out to see what happened.  I wasn't surprised when I found out I would get reimbursed in full by his insurance company since he was legally blind. I'm just glad he had enough vision to sign the check.

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