August 27, 2014

DD #65 - CPR

Our victory celebration ended abruptly.  In the field directly next to the one our Special Olympics softball team had just secured a hard-fought victory, someone needed help. My instincts were to get my wife, a nurse, to assist. I helped out with crowd control as she courageously performed CPR on the fallen athlete. Once the EMT's arrived, they took over and though they did briefly bring back the man, God had chosen to take him home that day. While that sight is forever etched in my heart, so too is an amazing story told to me by this athlete's coach at the briefing we attended the following week. She mentioned that this athlete had always looked to her for guidance.  The night of the incident, she mentioned that she had a dream where this athlete was walking down a hallway and opening up different doors before finally coming upon one in particular. When she asked him what he needed, he opened that door, looked back to her, said thank you, and stated that he was ready to go through. I was moved by her story, inspired by the courage of my wife, and thankful for my new perspective on life.

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