August 29, 2014

DD # 66 - Interview Times Two

My information and qualifications were sent to district after district. After a few anxious weeks, I was fortunate enough to get an interview. Though I can only chalk up my first interview experience for a 6th grade English position in Cedarburg  as an "experiment," it proved beneficial as it was followed by three interviews over a two-day period. I was confident my interview for a position at Dixon Elementary would go well as it was in the district I student taught in and some of the interview team already knew me. It did, but not nearly as well as the  interview for a long-term sub first grade position at Woodside Elementary. This interview was sixty minutes, broken into halves. Thirty minutes was a mock parent open night followed by a rapid fire question and answer. Walking out pleased, disappointment took over when I heard that the position was filled. A reversal of fortune led to a full-time 4th grade position opening up in its stead. Having to re-interview the very next day with many of the same people, I felt my second attempt fell flat. Flat or not, I got the call later that night. I was officially a teacher!

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